Accord ADX 600

Cost-Effective EPABX System for Small & Medium Organizations:

  1. Designed for Small & Medium Organizations:
    • Tailored to meet the communication needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing a cost-effective solution.
  2. Sturdy Build for Indian Working Conditions:
    • Engineered to withstand the robust working conditions prevalent in Indian environments, ensuring durability and reliability.
  3. Flexible, Scalable, & User-Friendly:
    • A flexible and scalable system that adapts to evolving organizational requirements. User-friendly interfaces enhance ease of operation.
  4. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) on Junction Lines:
    • Incorporates Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology on junction lines, optimizing audio levels for clear and consistent communication.
  5. 64-Party Call Conference:
    • Facilitates multi-party conference calls with the capacity to connect up to 64 participants, enhancing collaborative communication.
  6. PRI/E1 | IP Network Compatibility:
    • Compatible with PRI (Primary Rate Interface), E1, and IP networks, offering versatile connectivity options to suit different infrastructures.
  7. Long-Distance Analog Extensions:
    • Supports analog extensions with the capability to extend communication reach up to 12 km, ideal for organizations with dispersed facilities.
  8. Redundant (HSB) Power Supplies:
    • Redundant (Hot Standby) power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation by seamlessly switching to a backup power source in case of a failure.


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