Accord AX 200

Accord Analog EPABX System: Unmatched Call Handling Capabilities!

  1. Outstanding Call Handling Capabilities:
    • The Accord Analog EPABX System surpasses others with its exceptional call handling capabilities, ensuring seamless and reliable communication.
  2. Wireless GSM Phone Lines Connectivity:
    • Enjoy the flexibility of wireless connectivity through GSM phone lines, providing enhanced mobility and accessibility.
  3. Inbuilt Battery Charger with Faster Charging:
    • Equipped with an inbuilt battery charger, the system ensures faster charging, minimizing downtime during power outages.
  4. Automatic Power Failure Transfer:
    • Experience uninterrupted communication with automatic power failure transfer, seamlessly switching to alternative power sources when needed.
  5. Operate in 100 to 300 Volt Variation, CVT Not Essential:
    • Operate the system efficiently in a wide voltage range of 100 to 300 volts, eliminating the need for a Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT).
  6. Robust, Simple to Install & User-Friendly:
    • Built with robust components, the system is easy to install, ensuring a straightforward setup process. User-friendly interfaces enhance overall usability.


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