Accord AX 30

  • Diagnostic Feature (CPU Health Display)
    The blinking of LED indicates the perfect health status of the
    CPU card. In case of improper functioning of CPU card the LED
    will glow continuously.
  • Dual – Colour LED Display
    The specially designed LED changes its colour automatically i.e.
    it turns Red on internal communication and Green on external
    (Trunk) communication, this special display provides instant
    visual indication to distinguish whether the user is busy on
    internal or external calls enabling operators to carry onward
  • Call Buffer Display
    When the call buffer memory of 4760 calls is full the LED glows
    continuously, the LED starts blinking when 75% of the buffer is
  • Night Mode Display
    When the system is switched on to the night mode, whether in
    Auto mode or Manual mode, the LED glows continuously. When
    the system is in day mode the LED remains in off condition.
    Maximum Number of Units
    Upto 4 Nos. can be Installed in Parallel to the Operator Console


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