Accord ADX 600N

Digital EPABX System Features:

  1. IP Enabled:
    • The system is equipped with IP capabilities, enabling seamless integration with Internet Protocol networks for efficient communication.
  2. Redundancy/HSB (Hot Standby):
    • Built-in redundancy for critical components such as the CPU and Power Supply, ensuring system reliability and availability.
  3. Card Compatibility:
    • Support for various types of interface cards, including PRI (Primary Rate Interface), IP, Magneto, TWT (Two-Wire Trunk), and GSM cards, offering versatile connectivity options.
  4. Real-Time Fault Detection:
    • Instant fault detection mechanism for real-time monitoring of system health. SMS alerts are generated in case of any abnormalities.
  5. Field Programmable Universal Ports Card:
    • Universal Ports Card supporting FXS (Foreign Exchange Station), FXO (Foreign Exchange Office), Magneto, TWT Radios, offering flexibility in port configurations.
  6. Interoperability (CNR):
    • Compatibility with Radios through Common Network Repeater (CNR) for effective communication interoperability.
  7. Long-Distance Extensions:
    • Capability to support long-distance extensions up to 12 km, ensuring communication reach in expansive environments.
  8. Analog Phones Compatibility:
    • Seamless integration with analog phones, allowing compatibility with a wide range of telephone devices.
  9. Compact Size:
    • Designed in a compact 3U form factor, suitable for 19-inch rack mounting, optimizing space utilization.
  10. Lightweight Design:
    • Weighing approximately 25 kg, the system offers a lightweight solution without compromising functionality.


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