YDM 4109-A Series, Biometric Smart Lock, Gold

Key Features:

  1. Variety of Access Solutions: Fingerprint, PIN codes, Yale Home App, remote control, and mechanical keys override for versatile and secure entry options.
  2. Yale Bridge Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the Yale Bridge, enabling remote access from any location.
  3. Yale Home App Control: Unlock your door, personalize settings, and monitor your smart lock in real-time using the Yale Home App on your smartphone.
  4. Remote Access with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge (optional): Remotely control your smart lock, track access, and receive notifications 24/7 via the optional Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.
  5. Alert Notifications: Stay informed with instant alerts for door unlocks, jams, or armed alarms through the Yale Home App.


    Encryption: Yale Smart Lock employs Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption and TLS in our mobile applications for robust security.

    Authentication: An added layer of security requires users to verify their identity with a second form, either an email or phone number.

    Other Operational Features:

    • One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (Easy Scan) – 100 Users: Easy Scan technology reads fingerprints in one touch for convenient entry.
    • Pin Code Access – 100 Users: No need to carry anything; simply enter your PIN codes on the keypad to unlock the door.
    • Mechanical Key Override – 2 Keys: In emergencies, the lock can be manually unlocked with mechanical keys.
    • Smart Keypad: The keypad displays functional operation with various patterns of light.
    • Multiple Modes: Operate in Security (Master) mode for individual user control or Normal mode for centralized control.
    • Strength: Strong lock body with hardened SS 304 bolts ensures durability.
    • Auto Lock: Set the digital lock to automatically activate 5 seconds after door closure for added security.
    • One Time Password: Issue single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.
    • Code Scrambling: Scramble your PIN code for added security against prying eyes.
    • Long Battery Life: YDM 4109 comes with strong Alkaline AA batteries, tested for 3500 open & close operations on average.
    • Emergency Power: Attach a standard 9V battery in case of power loss for continued access.
    • 3 Minute Lock Out: After five unsuccessful attempts, lockout mode is activated for 3 minutes.
    • Low Battery Alert: Receive audible and visual alerts when batteries are low, allowing ample time for replacement.
    • Convenience: Upgrade your existing door lock, compatible with door thickness from 38 mm to 80 mm.
    • Smart Etiquette: Adjust volume or mute the key tone for door opening melody, ideal for families or late-night entries.
    • Alarms: Built-in loud alarm activates upon attack, deterring burglars.

    Smart Connectivity:

    • Video Door Phone: Wireless integration with most Video Door phones (Requires YRM 20 N and YRM 20 AMC available under Accessory Section).
    • Yale Home App: Works seamlessly with Yale Home App for remote lock access (Compatible with Yale Home App, requires Yale Connect Wifi Bridge and Yale BLE Module available under Accessory Section).


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