Yale YDR 4110+N Protocol Smart Rim Door Lock with Biometric, Pin & App Enabled Access, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Optional

Yale YDR 4110+A N Smart Door Lock Features

  1. Keyless Access: Say goodbye to traditional keys. Utilize your fingerprint or PIN code for convenient and secure door unlocking with the Yale YDR 4110+A N.
  2. One-touch Fingerprint Verification (Easy Scan): Streamlined fingerprint recognition with Easy Scan technology. Access your door effortlessly with a single touch.
  3. Pin Code Access: Forget carrying keys or worrying about forgotten items. Easily enter your PIN code on the keypad to unlock the door.
  4. Smart Keypad: Functional keypad with dynamic light patterns, providing a clear and intuitive interface for operation.
  5. Multiple Modes: Tailor the lock to your needs. Choose between Security (Master) mode for individual user control or Normal mode for centralized user management.


    Smart Security Enhancements

    1. Auto Lock Convenience:
      • Never worry about forgetting to lock the door.
      • Choose automated activation 5 seconds after closing or operate it manually as needed.
    2. Dynamic Access with One Time Passwords:
      • Enhance security effortlessly with temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.
      • Elevate security without compromising ease of use.
    3. Enhanced PIN Code Security:
      • Elevate PIN code security with code scrambling.
      • Introduce random numbers to make it challenging for onlookers to decipher.
    4. Reliable Battery Performance:
      • Ensure consistent performance with robust Alkaline AA batteries.
      • Tested for an average of 3500 open and close operations.
    5. Emergency Power Solution:
      • Maintain uninterrupted access even during power loss.
      • Attach a standard 9V battery to restore all lock features.
    6. Low Battery Awareness:
      • Stay informed with timely audible and visual alerts.
      • Receive notifications when batteries are running low, providing ample time for replacement.


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