Yale Digital Glass Door Lock with Card YDG 413A-GL

PIN code 4 – 10 digits
Fingerprint Up to 20 Fingerprints
Colour Mirror Finish
Front body dimension 72.8 (W) x 186 (H) x 14 (D) mm
Back body dimension 77.5 (W) x 190.5 (H) x 48.8 (D) mm
Door Thickness 9-12mm (Only Glass Door)
Compatible (Optional) Bluetooth, Z-Wave and



    Key Features:

    • Biometric Fingerprint Scan: Secure your glass door with advanced biometric technology, allowing convenient access through fingerprint verification.
    • PIN Code: Personalized PIN codes provide an additional layer of security and easy entry.
    • Smart Connectivity: Seamlessly connect with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee for enhanced control and integration into your smart home ecosystem.
    • Voice Guide Feature: Experience a voice-guided operating manual for effortless and convenient use, making security more user-friendly.
    • Automatic Locking: Ensure peace of mind with automatic door locking, verifying proper closure for enhanced security.
    • Fake PIN Code: Safeguard your PIN code by entering fake numbers before or after the actual code, preventing exposure.
    • Low Battery and Emergency Power: Receive low battery warnings with audible alarms and LED indicators. In case of complete battery discharge, easily supply emergency power with a standard 9V battery.
    • Remote Control (Optional): Opt for the remote control option with Wireless Floating ID technology, providing control from a distance of up to 50m.


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