Cloud Based Fingerprint Time Attendance Device S-B251CB

  • Description: Fingerprint Time Attendance Device
  • Model No: S-B251CB
  • Features:
    • 7.11cm (2.8) TFT screen Time Attendance Terminal
    • TCP/IP and USB Host for easy data management
    • Built-in backup battery for power-failure situations
    • Elegant appearance and reliable quality
  • Capacity:
    • 3000 Fingerprint
    • 3000 Card
    • 3000 Password
  • Additional Information:
    • Freely switch between LAN and Web
    • Built-in backup battery support


    Technical Specification
    Display 7.11cm (2.8) HD Color Display
    Fingerprint Users 3000
    Card User 3000
    Password User 3000
    Attendance Records 70000
    FP Verification Mode 1:1, 1:N
    Verification Fingerprint, ID Card, Password
    Combination FP/PIN/Card, FP+PIN, FP+Card
    Verification Time <1.0s
    False Rejection Rate <0.01%
    False Acceptance Rate <0.0001%
    Finger Print Sensor 600dpi Optical Sensor
    Communication U Disk, USB, TCP/IP, RFID card, Cloud, Access control
    Working Humidity 20%-60%
    Working Temperature 0°C-50°C
    Power Supply 12V DC
    Battery Backup Built-in
    Access Control Built-in
    Server Connection Auto Push Technology


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