Aegis Epabx AT 208

EPABX System Configuration:

  1. CO Lines (Central Office Lines):
    • 02 lines for external communication, providing connectivity to the central office.
  2. Extensions:
    • 08 internal extensions for intra-office communication and collaboration.
  3. DISA (Direct Inward System Access):
    • DISA functionality set to 10 seconds, allowing callers to directly access internal extensions.
  4. Conference Capability:
    • Support for simultaneous conference calls with a capacity for up to 03 participants.
  5. Toll Restriction Class:
    • Implementation of 06 toll restriction classes for controlled access to external calls.
  6. Exclusive Line Extensions:
    • Allocation of 04 extensions with exclusive line access for dedicated communication.
  7. Receptions:
    • Configuration for 02 reception points, facilitating efficient call management and handling.
  8. Incoming Ringing Extensions:
    • 08 extensions set to receive incoming calls with distinctive ringing patterns.
  9. Flash Time:
    • Adjustable flash time ranging from 300ms to 2000ms, ensuring compatibility with various telecommunication systems.
  10. Conversation Restrict:
    • Set to a maximum conversation restrict time of 99 minutes for controlled call durations.


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