Accord ACE 308 EPABX Intercom System

  • Accord ACE 308 EPABX Intercom System
  • 3 CO lines and 8 extensions for seamless communication
  • Robust design, easy installation, and maintenance
  • Ideal for offices, factories, showrooms, schools, and more
  • Multiple features like Abbreviated Dialing, Auto Call Forwarding, Call Conference, and Caller ID display
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency in your workplace
  • Upgrade your office communication system with Accord ACE 308 EPABX


    Upgrade your office communication with the Accord ACE 308 EPABX Intercom System, a powerful and efficient solution designed to meet your business needs. With its robust design, easy installation, and user-friendly features, this EPABX system is the ideal choice for offices, factories, showrooms, schools, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, and residences, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity.

    Versatile Connectivity: The Accord ACE 308 EPABX Intercom System offers 3 CO (Central Office) lines and 8 extensions, allowing multiple users to stay connected simultaneously. With its versatile configuration, you can efficiently manage incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring smooth communication flow within your organization.

    User-Friendly Design: Designed with user convenience in mind, this EPABX system comes with a single keypad dialer type, making it easy to operate. Its compact dimensions of 12 x 12 x 2 centimeters ensure space-saving efficiency, and it can be easily installed and maintained, saving you time and effort.

    Distinctive Features: The Accord EPABX system boasts a wide range of distinctive features that enhance your communication experience. Enjoy features such as Abbreviated Dialing / Speed Dialing, Auto Call Back on Busy Extension/Trunk, Auto Call Cut, Auto Call Forwarding on Mobile, Barge-In / Call Monitor on Extension / CO, Brokers Call / Call Consult / Call Toggle, Call Conference, Call Transfer, Consult Call Transfer, Call Parking, Call Pickup from Ringing Extension, Call Pickup from Different Extension, Call Forward, Caller ID on Trunk and Extension, and much more.

    Multiple Boss Secretary Feature: With the Multiple Boss Secretary Feature, you can efficiently manage calls and streamline communication within your organization. This feature enables smooth call handling between bosses and secretaries, ensuring effective coordination and collaboration.

    Power Failure Trunk Transfer: Even during power outages, the Accord ACE 308 EPABX Intercom System ensures uninterrupted communication. The Power Failure Trunk Transfer feature allows the system to automatically transfer trunk calls to designated numbers, ensuring that you never miss important calls during power disruptions.

    Music on Hold (MOH): Keep callers engaged and entertained with the Music on Hold (MOH) feature. Customize the on-hold music to provide a pleasant caller experience while they wait for assistance.

    Flexible Numbering and Group Call: The EPABX system offers flexible numbering options with 2/3/4 digits, making it convenient to assign extensions as per your organizational structure. Additionally, the Group Call feature enables instant group communication, allowing you to address multiple team members simultaneously.

    Caller ID and Direct Outward Dialing: The system supports Caller ID display for both trunk and extension lines, helping you identify incoming calls. Direct Outward Dialing (DOD) allows extensions to dial external numbers directly without operator assistance.

    Day/Night Mode and Discriminate Ringing Pattern: Customize your call handling with the Day/Night Mode feature, automatically routing calls based on your office hours. Discriminate Ringing Pattern helps differentiate internal and external calls through distinct ring tones.

    Hot-Line to Operator and Round Robin Call Landing: Simplify call handling with the Hot-Line to Operator feature, enabling instant connectivity to the operator. Round Robin Call Landing distributes incoming calls evenly among extensions, ensuring equal distribution of incoming inquiries.

    Elevate your communication experience with the Accord ACE 308 EPABX Intercom System. Whether you run a small office or a large organization, this EPABX system provides a seamless, reliable, and feature-rich communication platform to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in your workplace.


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