YDM 3115 AV Series – Smart Lock, Silver

Key Features:

  • Remote Access: Yale YDM 3115 AV works seamlessly with the Yale Bridge, allowing users to unlock the door remotely from any location.
  • Yale Home App Control: Download the Yale Home App and take full control of your lock using your smartphone. Easily unlock the door, monitor real-time status, and personalize lock settings.
  • Personalized Settings: Customize your lock settings through a user-friendly interface. Register RFID cards, user pin codes, card keys, and Bluetooth keys according to your preferences. Create one-time user codes for visitors.


    Yale Home App Features:

    • Control From Anywhere: Enjoy the flexibility of managing your door lock remotely with the Yale Home app. Whether it’s letting someone in, securing the door, or monitoring activity, you have control anytime, anywhere.
    • Auto Unlock: Say goodbye to fumbling with keys. The lock automatically unlocks as you approach with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also set it to lock as you leave, ensuring peace of mind.
    • Guest Keys: Easily manage access to your home by sending secure keys to friends, family, or trusted individuals instantly, all through the Yale Home app. No more hiding keys or worrying about duplicates.
    • 24/7 History: Stay informed about who comes and goes with real-time smartphone notifications and a comprehensive 24/7 access history accessible through the app.
    • Share Access: Grant access to your home with ease. Provide permanent access, temporary access, or set unique access schedules for added security.

    Other Operational Features:

    • Pin Code Access: Accommodate up to 100 users with PIN code access. Simply enter your code on the keypad for convenient and keyless entry.
    • RFID Card Access: Utilize RFID cards for entry, offering a simple and reliable alternative to traditional keys. Perfect for your wallet or purse.
    • Mechanical Key Override: In emergencies, unlock the door with the included mechanical keys.
    • Smart Keypad: Functional keypad displays with various light patterns for clear operation.
    • Multiple Modes: Operate in Security (Master) mode for individual user management or Normal mode for centralized control of all users.
    • Strength: Features a robust lock body with hardened SS 304 bolts for enhanced security.
    • Auto Lock: Set the digital lock to auto-activate 5 seconds after door closure, minimizing the risk of forgetting to lock it.
    • One Time Password: Generate single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.
    • Code Scrambling: Enhance PIN code security by scrambling it with random numbers before or after the actual code.
    • Long Battery Life: Enjoy the longevity of strong Alkaline AA batteries, tested for an average of 3500 open and close operations.
    • Emergency Power: Attach a standard 9V battery in case of power loss to regain access.
    • Low Battery Alert: Receive audible and visual alerts when batteries are running low, providing ample time for replacement.
    • Convenience: Upgrade existing door locks with support for door thickness ranging from 38 mm to 80 mm.
    • Cancel a Lost Card: Easily cancel lost access cards without the need to change the lock.
    • Smart Etiquette: Adjust the volume or mute the key tone of the door opening melody, ideal for families with children or late-night comings and goings.
    • Alarms: Deter burglars with a built-in loud alarm that activates upon attempted break-ins.
    • Force Locked Alarm: Activate force locked mode when away, triggering an alarm if someone attempts to operate the door without deactivating it.

    Smart Connectivity:

    • Video Door Phone Integration: Wirelessly integrate with most Video Door phones for enhanced home security.
    • Yale Home App Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the Yale Home app for remote access. (Requires Yale Connect Wifi Bridge and Yale Bluetooth Module, available under Accessory Section)


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