Yale YDM 4109 RL Fingerprint Smart Main Door Lock

Key Features:

  1. Pull Handle Flexibility:
    • Choose any pull handle to match your door design and color, giving you the flexibility to personalize your entrance.
  2. Yale Bridge Compatibility:
    • Works seamlessly with the Yale Bridge for remote unlocking from any location, enhancing accessibility.
  3. Yale Home App Control:
    • Download the Yale Home App to unlock your door easily and monitor real-time status through your smartphone. Personalize lock settings with an intuitive interface.
  4. Remote Access with Yale Wi-Fi Bridge (optional):
    • Remotely control your smart lock, track access, and receive notifications 24/7. Operates on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth.
  5. Alert Notifications:
    • Stay informed with instant alerts for door unlocks, jams, or armed alarms, ensuring your home’s security.


    Operational Features:

    1. Biometric Access:
      • One-touch fingerprint verification for up to 20 users using Easy Scan technology.
    2. PIN Code Access:
      • Convenient PIN code access for up to 30 users, eliminating the need for keys.
    3. Mechanical Key Override:
      • Two mechanical keys for emergency access.
    4. Smart Keypad:
      • Illuminated keypad with various light patterns for functional operation.
    5. Multiple Modes:
      • Choose Security (Master) mode for individual user control or Normal mode for centralized access.
    6. Strength and Durability:
      • Strong lock body with hardened SS 304 bolts for enhanced security.
    7. Auto Lock:
      • Set your digital lock to auto-activate 5 seconds after door closure, preventing forgetfulness.
    8. One Time Password:
      • Generate single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.
    9. Code Scrambling:
      • Enhance PIN code security by scrambling numbers, adding an extra layer of protection.
    10. Long Battery Life:
      • Powered by robust Alkaline AA batteries, tested for 3500 open/close operations.
    11. Emergency Power:
      • Attach a standard 9V battery for uninterrupted access during power loss.
    12. Low Battery Alert:
      • Audible and visual alerts signal low battery levels, ensuring timely replacement.
    13. Convenience:
      • Compatible with existing door locks, supports door thickness from 35mm to 80mm.
    14. Built-in Alarms:
      • Loud alarm sounds upon attacks, deterring potential burglars.
    15. Force Locked Alarm:
      • Activate force locked mode during extended absences to trigger an alarm for unauthorized access.

    Smart Connectivity:

    • Video Door Phone Integration:
      • Wirelessly integrates with most Video Door phones.
    • Yale Home App Access:
      • Works with Yale Home App for remote lock control (Yale Wifi Bridge and Yale Bluetooth Module required – available under Accessory Section).


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