Yale YDM 4109A Black | Biometric | PIN Code | Mechanical Key | Remote Control


    1. Remote Control:
      • Take charge from anywhere, allowing you to remotely grant access or secure your door. Perfect for welcoming early arrivals or ensuring your home is locked, even if the kids forget.
    2. Auto Unlock Feature:
      • Say goodbye to key fumbling. The lock automatically unlocks when you approach with your smartphone, utilizing Bluetooth technology. Set it to auto-lock upon departure for added peace of mind.
    3. Guest Keys:
      • Manage home access effortlessly. Send secure keys to friends, family, or trusted individuals instantly, all within the Yale Home app. No more hiding keys or concerns about unauthorized copies.
    4. 24/7 Access History:
      • Stay informed with smartphone notifications and a comprehensive 24/7 access history within the app. Keep track of who enters and exits your home at all times.
    5. Share Access:
      • Grant access to your home with ease. Provide permanent, temporary, or set unique access schedules for the people you trust, all through the Yale Home App.


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