Face Attendance Machine S-FB8K

Face Attendance Machine S-FB8K is an IP (Ethernet & USB) Face & Fingerprint Biometric Device designed for efficient attendance management. Below are its key specifications:

  • Product Name: Face Attendance Machine S-FB8K
  • Description: IP (Ethernet & USB) Face & Fingerprint Biometric Device
  • Model No: S-FB8K
  • Color: 2.8″ TFT LCD
  • Face Capacity: 1500 (Optional: 3000)
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 1000 (Optional: 5000, 10,000 & 50,000)
  • Optical Sensor: High-Resolution Optical Sensor (600 DPI)
  • Access Control Support: Yes
  • Communication: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi (Optional), 3G


    Feature Specification
    Camera High-Definition & Dual Camera
    Infrared Lamps 2 Ultrabright Lamps
    Fingerprint Reader High-Resolution Optical (≥ 600dpi)
    Card Function ID Card / Mifare Card (Optional)
    Display Color 2.8 inch TFT LCD
    Touch Key 16 Keys
    Human Body Induction Yes
    LED Lamp Red & Green (Dual Color)
    Input Port Wiegand 26/34 (can be external card reader module)
    Professional Access Control Yes
    Communication TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), RS485
    U Disk Port Yes (Notice: Only supports FAT32 file system)
    Voice Output Yes
    Operating System LINUX VER3.6.5
    Face Capacity 1500 / 3000 / 5000
    Fingerprint Capacity 15000
    User Record & Management 300,000 / 50,000
    Access Control Access control function and optional access / time zone management, Anti-Submarine / Duress Alarm function
    Attendance Function Attendance (On/Off Duty, Overtime) Time Zone
    Ring Function Yes
    Power Management Sleep Function
    U Disk Upload / Download Yes
    Registration Information & Record
    Dynamic IP Allocation Yes
    Algorithm Version Face v2.0
    FAR/FRR 0.01% / 1%
    Matching Speed < 1 sec.
    Intelligent Updating Function Yes
    Face Identification Mode Support 1:N or 1:1
    Working Temperature 0°C ~ 55°C
    Working Humidity 20% ~ 80%


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