KX-TDE600BX Features:

  1. Flexible Expansion by Adding Activation Keys:
    • Optional activation keys can be installed to expand the number of IP terminals on an MPR card to 128 and on an SIP trunk card to 64.
    • Enables flexible expansion without the need for new dedicated optional cards for terminals and phone lines.
  2. Multi-site Networking:
    • The KX-TDE600BX leverages the latest digital networking, Voice over IP (VoIP), and SIP technologies for cost-effective intra-office, multi-site, and long-distance communications.
    • Up to 8 KX-TDE systems can be networked and centrally managed without the need for a server.
  3. SIP Networking for Low-Cost Communication:
    • Built-in SIP trunking interface allows connectivity to SIP-based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP).
    • Achieve low-cost VoIP calls over managed broadband IP networks, enhancing cost-effectiveness in communication.
  4. Cellular Phone Integration:
    • Integration of cellular phones into the PBX allows incoming calls to ring both the desk phone and the cellular phone simultaneously.
    • Users can pick up calls on either phone, enabling single-number access and increasing contactability.


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