KX-TDA100DBX Features:

  1. Easy Migration to VoIP (IP / IP Telephony):
    • The modular architecture of the KX-TDA100DBX facilitates a seamless migration to VoIP, ensuring smooth convergence of voice and data communication within the same network.
    • This design provides additional flexibility for future needs, making it a forward-looking solution.
  2. Voice Mail Integration:
    • Optional Cards (ESVM) enhance the system with advanced message recording and outgoing message handling capabilities.
    • Ensures that calls from customers are routed properly and answered or processed gracefully, contributing to a professional communication experience.
  3. Multi-Cell Wireless Integration:
    • Extension line phones can be made wireless, offering mobility within the office environment.
    • The multi-cell DECT Wireless System transforms the office into a single call zone, allowing calls to be made away from the desk, leading to improved productivity.
  4. Cost-effective Performance:
    • The system is designed with various functions to support cost reductions.
    • Features such as Voice over Internet Protocol (H.323), ISDN capability (BRI / PRI) with QSIG digital networking, Automatic Route Selection (ARS), Toll Restriction Services (TRS), and reliable networking via T1 / E1, E&M ensure cost-effective and efficient operations.


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