Technical Specifications:

  • Indoor Monitor:
    • Display: 7-inch LCD Touch Screen with Built-in Dialpad
    • Communication Protocol: SIP-based IP Video Door Phone with 2 Line SIP
    • Alarm Panel: 8 Zone Alarm Panel
    • Doorbell Functionality: Auto Snap Shot of Person on Pressing Doorbell
    • Ethernet Connectivity: Dual Ethernet Onboard with PoE (Power over Ethernet) Port Forward to Connect Video Door Bell
    • Cable Compatibility: Connect to Video Door Bell over UTP Cat5e/6 Cable
    • Additional Features:
      • SoS Function: Built-in SoS (Emergency) Feature
      • IP Camera Monitoring: Monitoring of Doorbell and IP Cameras
      • Messaging: Send and Receive Messages
      • PoE Support: PoE (Power over Ethernet) compliant
      • WiFi Enabled: Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless operation


    Powerful Features:

    • Digital Door Lock Integration: Integration with digital door locks for enhanced security and access control.
    • 3rd Party IP Camera Monitoring: Monitor and view feeds from third-party IP cameras directly on the indoor monitor.
    • Alarm Alerts and BMS Software Integration: Alarm alerts are sent to the guard’s phone via Building Management System (BMS) software, providing detailed information.
    • Building Push Notifications and Advertisement: The system can send push notifications and display advertisements within the building to convey important messages or promotions.
    • Smartphone Integration with Onetouch Mobile APP: Integration with the Onetouch Mobile APP allows users to manage and control the video door phone system remotely from their smartphones.

    The ONETOUCH SIP VIDEO DOOR PHONE – OT-IP-VDP-V5 offers a comprehensive set of features, including a 7-inch LCD touch screen, SIP-based video door phone functionality, alarm panel integration, and PoE support. With its digital door lock integration, IP camera monitoring, messaging capabilities, and smartphone integration, it provides a powerful and versatile solution for security and communication in residential and commercial environments. The ability to connect to the video doorbell through UTP Cat5e/6 cables and the option for Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a flexible and user-friendly choice for modern access control and surveillance needs.


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