The IDT-T1000 is a semi-automatic tripod turnstile gate designed for efficient and secure access control. It is equipped with a DC brushless motor, providing a smooth and low-resistance passage for users. With various working modes, such as bi-directional and single-directional, it offers flexibility and convenience to suit different access requirements. The turnstile beams automatically fall when there is a power outage and rise when power is restored or stop when encountering obstacles. Additionally, it can be integrated with facial recognition biometrics for a no-touch user experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: IDT-T1000
  • Size: 360mm x 260mm x 980mm
  • Material Structure: 304 original brushed stainless steel, acrylic
  • Channel Width: 510mm
  • Thickness: The full thickness of the outer box is 1.0 + 3.0mm
  • Traffic Speed: 25-30 people/min in normal open mode, 15-20 people/min in normally closed mode
  • Channel Width: One-way traffic/Two-way traffic
  • Opening Mode: ID/IC Card swiping and other reading head verification opening, button opening, etc.
  • Opening Signal: Dry contact signal
  • Life: >5 million times
  • Power: 30-60 Watt
  • Applicable Temperature: -20°C ~+75°C (add thermostat below this temperature)

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    IDT-T1000 SEMI AUTOMATIC TURNSTILE GATE – Advanced Access Control Solution

    Introduction: The IDT-T1000 Semi Automatic Turnstile Gate is a cutting-edge access control solution designed to enhance security and streamline pedestrian traffic management. It is an ideal choice for various settings, including office buildings, government facilities, public transport stations, sports stadiums, and more. The turnstile gate is built with precision engineering, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliable performance.

    Efficient and User-Friendly Design: The IDT-T1000 features a semi-automatic tripod turnstile design, allowing smooth and easy access for individuals while efficiently controlling the flow of people. With a channel width of 510mm, it accommodates a wide range of users, including those with luggage, backpacks, or wheelchairs. The turnstile beams are designed to automatically drop during power outages and rise again when power is restored, ensuring uninterrupted access control.

    Versatile Working Modes: This turnstile gate offers various working modes, such as bi-directional and single-directional, providing flexibility to match the specific access requirements of your establishment. The modes can be easily configured using the buttons on the main control board, allowing quick adaptability to changing needs.

    Integration Capabilities: IDT-T1000 is equipped with a dry contact signal for opening, enabling seamless integration with different access control systems. It supports ID/IC card swiping and other reading head verification methods, as well as button opening, for added versatility. Moreover, the turnstile can be integrated with advanced biometric technologies, including facial recognition, enabling touchless access and further enhancing security.

    Robust and Durable Build: Constructed with 304 original brushed stainless steel and acrylic materials, the IDT-T1000 showcases a sturdy and sleek design. Its thick outer box (1.0 + 3.0mm) ensures resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. The turnstile is built to withstand demanding environments and offers a long service life of more than 5 million times, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

    Energy-Efficient Operation: The turnstile gate is driven by a DC brushless motor, ensuring low power consumption of 30-60 Watts. It operates efficiently and helps in reducing energy costs while maintaining high-performance standards.

    Wide Temperature Tolerance: Designed to operate in a range of temperatures, the IDT-T1000 can function smoothly even in extreme weather conditions, with a temperature range of -20°C to +75°C. An optional thermostat can be added to enhance temperature control in colder environments.

    Conclusion: The IDT-T1000 Semi Automatic Turnstile Gate offers a comprehensive access control solution with its efficient design, versatile working modes, and seamless integration capabilities. Its robust construction, energy-efficient operation, and wide temperature tolerance make it a reliable and durable choice for any establishment looking to enhance security and streamline pedestrian traffic management.


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