Essl Full Height Turnstile Double Door FHT-TL-232


  • Stable and reliable mechanical locking device, precise movement, and turntable combination structure with special technology.
  • Two-way traffic function, with brake lever steering divided into two-way and one-way.
  • Power-off and opening function for emergency situations, allowing quick passage for pedestrians to meet fire protection passage requirements.
  • Automatic cancellation of pedestrian access permission if the system does not pass within the specified time after a valid card is read.
  • Two-way arrow indicator to indicate passing status.
  • DIP switch on the control panel for adjusting pass delay time and memory mode.
  • Anti-reverse device function to prevent the rotating unit from rotating in the opposite direction to the original direction.


    Material SUS304
    Size 220015002200mm
    Unlock Time 0.2s
    Pass Rate 30p/m
    Pass Width 650mm
    Input Voltage 100V~240V
    Driving Voltage 24V
    Environment -15~+55℃
    Power 30W
    Input Signal Dry contact


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