Essl Tripod Turnstile one way ET-2000

Experience cutting-edge access control with our advanced gate system, featuring a passage width of 550mm and a throughput rate of 35 persons per minute. Operating on a versatile power supply of 100 ~ 240V and 24V operational voltage, this system boasts robust construction with a maximum arm tolerance of 80 Kg and a rotation angle of 120°. Offering one-way and bidirectional operation, it is equipped with dry contact input control, consumes a maximum of 30W, and operates in a frequency range of 50 ~ 60Hz. With an IP44 protection level and a working temperature range from -25°C to +70°C, this system is designed to withstand diverse environments. The electro-magnetic drive operates on DC, ensuring efficient functionality.



    TECH-SPECS Details
    Passage Width 550mm
    Throughput Rate 35 p/m
    Power Supply 100 ~ 240V
    Operational Voltage 24V
    Max Tolerance of Arms 80 Kg
    Angle per Rotation 120°
    Operation Type One-way – Bidirectional
    Input Control Signal Dry contact
    Max Power Consumption 30 W
    Frequency 50 ~ 60Hz
    Protection Level IP44
    Working Temperature -25°C ~ +70°C
    Electro-magnetic Drive DC
    Dimension Excluding Bar 1200x280x980 mm
    Net Weight Including Bar 52kg
    Opening Duration 5s – 60s
    CPU 32-bit Microprocessor
    Opening Signal Input Yes
    Emergency Switch Input Yes
    Direction Indicator Output Yes
    Passing Indicator Output Yes
    Drop Arm Electromagnet Output Yes
    Material Housing SUS 304
    Operating Mode Single-way Bi-directional
    Primary Controller Semi-automatic mode
    Users 30000 (RFID)
    Fingerprint 3000
    Transaction Storage 100000
    Integrated Controller inbio-260
    Relay 12V relay for lock
    Support Fire Alarm Yes
    RFID Yes
    Fingerprint Yes
    Protocol RS485 / Mifare/Proxy (Optional)


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