Time Watch Swing Barrier Gate TW FB2000

  • Automatic Identification System:
    • Utilizes IC cards, ID cards, barcodes, or magnetic cards for access, attendance, fees, or other functions.
  • Direction Indicator:
    • Displays the current status of pedestrian access and guides pedestrians for correct and smooth passage.
  • Display and Statistics:
    • Keeps track of usage statistics and numbers.
  • Voice and Strobe Light Alerts:
    • Provides alerts through voice and strobe lights for user guidance.
  • Infrared Sensors and Anti-Illegal Entry:
    • Incorporates infrared sensors to prevent illegal entry, ensuring the protection of pedestrians and preventing unauthorized access.
  • Double Anti-Clipping Function:
    • Utilizes both photocell anti-clipping and mechanical anti-clipping mechanisms to enhance safety.
  • Auto Re-Set Function:
    • Automatically resets the system if no passing occurs during the identified card-reading time. Passengers are prohibited from passing until their second identified reading.
  • Closing Delay Setting:
    • The barrier can be configured to delay closing for 1-60 seconds after a valid card-reading, providing flexibility in passage timing.


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