Time Watch 6 Zone Door Frame Metal Detector TW-D2121


  • Microprocessor-based: Indicates that the system is controlled by a microprocessor for efficient and accurate operation.
  • Passage Clearance Weight: 40 Kg (Approx.): Specifies the weight of the metal detector for installation considerations.
  • Power: 230 VACS, +/- 15%, 50 Hz: Specifies the power requirements for the metal detector.

This system appears to be comprehensive, offering a range of features for effective metal detection and control of traffic flow.

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    1. High Bright LED Indicator:
      • Indicates the presence of metal in the detection zone using high-intensity LED lights.
    2. 0-255 Sensitivity Level:
      • Adjustable sensitivity levels from 0 to 255, allowing customization based on the specific requirements of metal detection.
    3. 0-255 Threshold Level Setting:
      • Adjustable threshold level for filtering out background interference and establishing the baseline for metal detection.
    4. 0-255 Metal Level Display:
      • Displays the level or strength of the detected metal signal, allowing users to gauge the size or type of metal.
    5. 4X40 Character LCD for Parameters Display:
      • Utilizes a 4×40 character LCD screen to provide a clear and detailed display of various parameters and information.
    6. Human Barograph Display:
      • Presents a graphical representation (barograph) of the detected metal, offering a visual indication of the signal strength.
    7. 6 Digits In/Out Counter – 999999:
      • Keeps track of the number of objects passing through the metal detector in both directions, with a maximum count of 999,999.


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