1. Connect up to 2 PRI Lines:
    • Capable of connecting up to 2 Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines for enhanced communication capabilities.
  2. CO Lines = Max. 96:
    • Supports a maximum of 96 Central Office (CO) lines, ensuring extensive external communication options.
  3. KTS Ports = Max. 32:
    • Provides a maximum of 32 Key Telephone System (KTS) ports for flexible internal communication.
  4. CLI – Transferable + Internal (DTMF / FSK):
    • Caller Line Identification (CLI) supports both transferable and internal information using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) or Frequency Shift Keying (FSK).
  5. Welcome Message for Two Concurrent Telephone Calls:
    • Customizable welcome messages for a personalized experience during two concurrent telephone calls.
  6. Flexible Numbering:
    • Adaptable and flexible numbering schemes to meet diverse communication preferences.
  7. Fully Non-Blocking Architecture:
    • Features a fully non-blocking architecture, enabling simultaneous communication on all ports.
  8. Programmable from KTS / SLT / PC:
    • Convenient programming options available from Key Telephone Systems (KTS), Single Line Telephones (SLT), or a PC for ease of use and customization.


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