1. Unlimited Internal Conference:
    • Conduct internal conferences without limitations, facilitating seamless communication within the system.
  2. Welcome Message Programmable:
    • Welcome message programmable by telephone set, AUX port of PC, or SD card for a customized greeting experience.
  3. Pleasant Hold Music:
    • Enhance the caller’s experience with pleasant hold music while waiting.
  4. Unrestricted Flexible Numbering:
    • Enjoy unrestricted flexibility in numbering schemes, allowing unique assignments like giving “66” to one extension and “666” to another.
  5. CLI – Transferable + Internal (DTMF & FSK):
    • Caller Line Identification (CLI) supports transferable information and internal communication using both DTMF and FSK.
  6. Battery Backup:
    • Connect a 12V 7Ah battery for backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation during power outages.
  7. Programmable from KTS / SLT / PC (Optional):
    • Conveniently program the system from Key Telephone Sets (KTS), Single Line Telephones (SLT), or a PC (optional).
  8. Connectivity Options:
    • Option to connect:
      • GSM Cards (up to 2) for extended communication capabilities.
      • SD Card to play a welcome message downloaded from a PC.
      • LAN Card for connecting a PC for programming and call details recording.


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