Yale Electric Rim Lock YEL 200YN

  • Solid Brass Double Cylinder
  • Nickel brass plated Normal Keys with 5 pins
  • Roller Latch & Reversible Bolt 1 SKU instead 4 SKU (Left-handed IN, Left-handed Out, Rght-handed IN, Right-handed Out)
  • Additional Modes – Locked Function (Night Mode) & Passage Function (Free Mode)
  • Tested for mor e than 500,000 operations
  • Tensile strength resistance of up to 1000 kgs
  • Can be integrated with any Video Door Phone
  • Salt Spray Test – 24 hours
  • Self-adjustable floor striker corrects any slight misalignment in door/gate position
  • 4 Screws (instead of 2 screws) in keeper for more holding strength.
  • Protective steel casing to make it difficult to access the internal lock parts when the door/gate is closed
  • The Lock is easily interchangable with other locks on the market as it uses the same holes
  • Low noise & Low Power Consumption

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 10 cm


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