Samsung Digital Door Lock – SHS P718 LMG

  • Fingerprint/RFID Card/PIN Access
  • Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
  • Welcome Feature for Users (Sensor Detects any motions within 70cm range)
  • Status Notification Feature
  • Alert System for any possible intruders
  • Securing Door Management with Robust Dual Structure
  • PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
  • Manner Mode for quiet night outings
  • Advanced operation logic


    Feature Details
    Password 4 ~ 12 digit number combination
    Fingerprint Capacity: 100 fingerprints (max.)
    RFID Card/Password Capacity: 31 (max.)
    Door Thickness AML220: 40 ~ 60 mm
    AML320: 61 ~ 80 mm
    Power DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 8
    Battery Life Approximately 12 months
    (Average – 10 times per day)


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