Hikvision DS-2CE12D8T-PIRLO 2 MP Ultra Low Light PIR Fixed Bullet Camera

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The Hikvision DS-2CE12D8T-PIRLO is a high-performance 2 MP PIR bullet camera designed to deliver exceptional surveillance capabilities. With PIR detection, strobe light alarm, and alarm out functions, it effectively warns off intruders in real-time. The camera’s strong night performance allows it to capture clear images in ultra-low light conditions, even down to 0.003 lux. Its advanced 130 dB true WDR technology ensures excellent imaging even against strong backlighting.

Key Features:

  • 2 MP high-performance PIR bullet camera with PIR detection, strobe light alarm, and alarm out to deter intruders in real time.
  • Captures images in ultra-low light conditions down to 0.003 lux, ensuring strong night performance.
  • 3D DNR technology delivers clean and sharp images with reduced noise.
  • EXIR 2.0 infrared technology provides an advanced IR distance of up to 20 meters for clear night vision.
  • IP67-rated water and dust resistance make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • 2MP CMOS image sensor with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Pan range of 0° to 360°, tilt range of 0° to 180°, and rotate range of 0° to 360° for flexible installation.
  • TVI output at 1080p@25fps/30fps for high-quality video transmission.
  • Auto/Color/BW (Black and White) day/night mode for seamless transition between lighting conditions.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) with a capability of ≥130 dB for clear imaging in high-contrast scenes.
  • Multilingual support, including English.
  • Power supply of 12 VDC ± 25%, with a maximum consumption of 3.9 W.
  • Compact and lightweight design with dimensions of 88.6 mm × 81.3 mm × 224.7 mm (3.49″ × 3.20″ × 8.85″) and weight of approx. 443 g (0.98 lb.).
  • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F) with humidity tolerance of up to 90% (non-condensing).
  • Up the coax communication using the HIKVISION-C protocol for easy setup and control.


    Experience superior surveillance capabilities with the Hikvision DS-2CE12D8T-PIRLO, a high-performance 2 MP PIR bullet camera. Designed to ensure maximum security, this camera comes with a range of advanced features:

    1. PIR Detection & Strobe Light Alarm:

    • Instantly detects intruders with its built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor.
    • Activates a powerful strobe light alarm to deter potential threats in real-time.

    2. Ultra-Low Light Performance:

    • Captures crystal-clear images even in ultra-low light conditions, down to an incredible 0.003 lux.
    • Ensures reliable surveillance day and night, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

    3. True WDR Technology (130 dB):

    • Delivers clear imaging, even against strong backlighting or challenging lighting conditions.
    • Empowers the camera to maintain excellent visibility in high-contrast scenes.

    4. 3D DNR Technology:

    • Reduces image noise, ensuring clean and sharp visuals.
    • Enhances image quality, allowing for accurate identification of subjects.

    5. EXIR 2.0 Infrared Technology:

    • Advanced infrared technology with an impressive 20-meter IR range.
    • Guarantees exceptional nighttime surveillance with clear and detailed footage.

    6. Water and Dust Resistance (IP67):

    • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • Ensures the camera’s durability and longevity, providing reliable performance.

    7. High-Quality Image Sensor:

    • Equipped with a 2MP CMOS image sensor for excellent resolution.
    • Max. resolution of 1920 (H) × 1080 (V) pixels, delivering detailed and vivid visuals.

    8. Versatile Lens Options:

    • Choose from 2.8 mm or 3.6 mm fixed focal lenses, providing varying fields of view for different surveillance needs.

    9. Wide Operating Temperature Range:

    • Operates flawlessly in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F).
    • Suitable for various environments, ensuring continuous performance.

    10. Easy Installation and Configuration:

    • Supports HIKVISION-C communication for streamlined configuration and control.
    • Conveniently powered by 12 VDC ± 25%, with low power consumption (Max. 3.9 W).

    Elevate your security infrastructure with the Hikvision DS-2CE12D8T-PIRLO, the ultimate 2 MP Ultra Low Light PIR Fixed Bullet Camera, and gain peace of mind with its powerful surveillance capabilities. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, this camera is designed to provide reliable and high-quality security solutions for all your surveillance needs.


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