Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Length of Boom: 3 meters
  • Boom Rest Stand: No
  • Arm Material: Foam arm, cylindrical in shape (Flying arm)
  • Time for Up/Down: 3 seconds
  • Input Control Signal: Dry contact
  • Ingress Protection Degree: IP54


    Specification Details
    Maximum Length of Boom 3 meters
    Boom Rest Stand No
    Arm Material Foam arm, cylindrical in shape (Flying arm)
    Time for Up/Down 3 seconds
    Input Control Signal Dry contact
    Ingress Protection Degree IP54
    Input Interface for 1. Photocell, 2. Air switch, 3. Loop detector
    Output Interface Lamp
    Optional Interface – Access control panel
    – Standalone access control
    – Control button
    Remote Control Yes, up to 25 meters
    Mode Automatic/Manual
    Incorporated Control Panel 3 push buttons (STOP/UP/Down) to control motor
    Bumping Bounce Back Optional
    Auto Closing Time 1-80 seconds

    Power Supply:

    Specification Details
    SMPS – Input AC 220V / 110V, 50Hz / 60Hz
    Motor Power 90W, 120V AC


    Specification Details
    Height x Width x Depth 268mm x 348mm x 1050mm

    Operating Temperature:

    Specification Details
    Range -20˚C ~ +50˚C


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