The cutting-edge automated system, boasting a maximum boom length of 5 meters, the latest IDT model is equipped with a convenient Boom Rest Stand for added stability. Crafted from durable aluminum, the boom features integrated Red and Green LED indicators, providing efficient and visually intuitive operation. With a swift 6-second deployment time and responsive to dry contact signals, this system offers versatility through optional interfaces including photocell, air switch, and loop detector.

Designed for user convenience, the incorporated control panel features three push buttons (STOP/UP/Down), and the system supports both Automatic and Manual modes. A remote control option extends up to 25 meters, enhancing accessibility. Additionally, the system accommodates various optional interfaces such as access control panels, standalone access controls, and control buttons, allowing seamless integration into diverse applications.



    Technical Specifications:

    Specification Details
    Maximum Length of Boom 5 meters
    Boom Rest Stand Yes
    Arm Material Aluminum (with Red & Green LED indication)
    Time for Up/Down 6 seconds
    Input Control Signal Dry contact
    Ingress Protection Degree IP54
    Input Interface for 1. Photocell, 2. Air switch, 3. Loop detector
    LED Indicator Red / Green
    Optional Interface – Access control panel
    – Standalone access control
    – Control button
    Remote Control Yes, up to 25 meters
    Mode Automatic/Manual
    Incorporated Control Panel 3 push buttons (STOP/UP/Down) to control motor
    Bumping Bounce Back Optional

    Power Supply:

    Specification Details
    SMPS – Input AC 220V / 110V, 50Hz / 60Hz
    Motor Power 90W, 240V AC


    Specification Details
    Height x Width x Depth 268mm x 348mm x 1050mm

    Operating Temperature:

    Specification Details
    Range -20˚C ~ +50˚C


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