Realtime RS9N Biometric with Access Control System

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The Realtime RS9N Biometric with Access Control System is a BIS approved and user-friendly solution for access control and time & attendance management. With fingerprint-only authentication, easy plug and play setup, and a wall mount metal bracket, it provides enhanced security and efficient tracking of employee attendance. Compact and lightweight, this system is a trusted and reliable choice for businesses and organizations.

  • Realtime RS9N Biometric System with Access Control and Time & Attendance features.
  • BIS approved, ensuring reliability and quality.
  • Supports Fingerprint, Card, and Password authentication methods.
  • Does not include an RFID Card Reader, only Fingerprint functionality.
  • Comes with a Wall Mount Metal Bracket for easy installation.
  • Compact and lightweight design, measuring 20 x 16 x 8 cm and weighing 350 grams.
  • Plug and Play setup, no complicated installation required.
  • Pen Drive not included; use a 4 GB Pen Drive for optimal results.
  • Ideal for enhancing security and efficiently managing employee attendance.


    Realtime RS9N Biometric with Access Control System (BIS Approved) Access Control, Time & Attendance (Fingerprint, Card, Password) – With Only Fingerprint, But without RFID Card Reader

    Realtime RS9N is a versatile and efficient biometric access control and time & attendance system designed to provide enhanced security and seamless tracking of employee attendance. With its advanced features and BIS approval, this system offers reliable and accurate authentication methods for access control purposes. Here are some key features and benefits of the Realtime RS9N Biometric System:

    • BIS Approved: The Realtime RS9N system is approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), ensuring its compliance with industry standards and regulations, and guaranteeing its reliability and quality.
    • Multi-Mode Authentication: This system supports three different authentication modes – fingerprint, card, and password. Employees can choose their preferred method, making it convenient and flexible for different individuals.
    • Fingerprint Only Access: One of the notable features of the Realtime RS9N is its exclusive use of fingerprint recognition for access control. By eliminating the RFID card reader, it enhances security and prevents unauthorized access through stolen or lost cards.
    • Wall Mount Metal Bracket: The system comes with a wall mount metal bracket, allowing for easy installation and positioning in various locations, such as entrances or office spaces.
    • Plug and Play: Setting up the Realtime RS9N is a breeze as it is designed to be plug and play. There is no need for complex installations or technical expertise, saving time and effort for users.
    • Pen Drive Usage: For optimal performance and data storage, users are recommended to use a 4 GB pen drive. The pen drive is not included with the product, but its usage can significantly enhance data management and backup capabilities.
    • Access Control and Time & Attendance: The Realtime RS9N serves dual purposes as an access control and time & attendance system. It efficiently tracks employee attendance, streamlining HR processes and ensuring accurate record-keeping.
    • Compact and Lightweight: With dimensions of 20 x 16 x 8 cm and a weight of 350 grams, the Realtime RS9N is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for various office setups and environments.
    • Trusted Brand: Realtime is a reputable and trusted brand known for its reliable and advanced biometric solutions. With their expertise in biometric technology, you can be assured of the system’s quality and performance.
    • Made in India: The Realtime RS9N is proudly manufactured in India, showcasing the brand’s commitment to supporting local industries and contributing to the country’s technological advancement.

    In summary, the Realtime RS9N Biometric with Access Control System is an ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for access control and time & attendance management. With its fingerprint-only authentication, BIS approval, and easy installation, it offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing security and workforce management in various settings.


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