EPABX System Installation

At Brand I Innovation, we specialize in providing top-notch Epabx and Intercom installation services in Gurgaon. Our skilled technicians are experienced in installing and setting up intercommunication systems that enhance communication within buildings and small collections of buildings. Whether you require a standalone intercom system, a talkback device, or a doorphone, we have the expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Our installation services include integrating intercom systems with other communication devices such as public address loudspeakers, walkie-talkies, telephones, and even other intercom systems. We ensure that the wiring and electrical installation are done professionally, allowing for seamless connectivity and control of additional devices like signal lights and door latches. If you are looking for reliable Epabx and Intercom installation services in Gurgaon, Brand I Innovation is your trusted partner. We provide professional installations, quality equipment, and exceptional customer support. Contact us today for efficient and seamless communication solutions for your premises.

Logos of different EPABX brands with intercom and epabx system, Brand Name - NEC, Panasonic, Accord, CCL, Matrix
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EPABX Intercom System Features:

Logos of different EPABX brands with intercom and epabx system, Brand Name - NEC, Panasonic, Accord, CCL, Matrix

In a small working environment, one telephone line may be sufficient for communication. However, as your business expands, you may require multiple phones to ensure secure and efficient conversations. Managing an increasing number of phone lines and phone numbers can become complicated and costly. This is where the EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system, provided by Brand I Innovation, comes to the rescue.

The EPABX system allows you to connect all the phones within your organization or across multiple locations. It offers a range of features and benefits to streamline your communication processes. Some key features of our EPABX Intercom System include:

  • Call Forwarding: Easily redirect incoming calls to another phone or extension.
  • Call Accounting: Keep track of call details and analyze usage patterns for better cost management.
  • Selective Outgoing Calling: Define specific outgoing call permissions for different users or departments.
  • Conference Calling: Conduct virtual meetings or group discussions with multiple participants.
  • Voice Mail: Receive and manage voicemail messages, ensuring you never miss important information.
  • Call Distribution: Efficiently distribute incoming calls among available extensions or departments.
  • Call Recording: Record important calls for reference, training, or legal purposes.
  • Mobile Integration: Seamlessly integrate mobile devices with the EPABX system for enhanced mobility and accessibility.
  • Interface with a Computer: Connect the EPABX system to a computer for advanced management and configuration options.

By implementing an EPABX system, you can streamline communication, reduce costs, and enhance productivity within your organization. At Brand I Innovation, we offer reliable EPABX installation services in Gurgaon, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient operation of your telephony infrastructure.

Experience the benefits of a robust EPABX system for your business. Contact Brand I Innovation today for professional EPABX installation services in Gurgaon and empower your communication capabilities.

Benefits of EPABX


Did you know that each time you make a call in your office, it goes through the local phone company’s exchange before reaching the recipient? This can result in additional charges. However, with an EPABX system, your calls can be routed internally within the building, eliminating the need to go outside. This not only improves efficiency but also helps reduce costs.


With our business phone solution, you can enjoy the convenience of a receptionist feature. All incoming calls to your organization’s multiple phones can be accessed through a single number. No need to keep track of individual phone numbers in directories. Simply list one number and streamline your communication process.


Our phone system eliminates the need to hire a dedicated person to answer calls. With the “auto attendant” feature, callers are provided with instructions to navigate through the system and dial a specific number for the service they require. This saves you manpower and ensures efficient call routing for your company.


Our advanced telephone system offers a range of features that go beyond the capabilities of a standard phone. One such feature is call forwarding, which allows you to redirect calls to another phone in case you are unavailable to answer within a specified number of rings. This ensures that you never miss important calls, even if you are away from your desk or attending a meeting in a different office within the building.

PABX Intercom Systems in Gurgaon

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