Technical Specifications:

  • Model: IDT-06
  • Power Supply: 220V/AC
  • Power: >30V
  • External Dimension: 2200mm(H) x 820mm(W) x 550mm(D)
  • Passageway Dimension: 2000mm(H) x 700mm(W) x 550mm(D)
  • Work Environment: -20°C ~ +70°C
  • Detection: 6 Zones

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    IDT-06 SIX ZONE DOOR FRAME METAL DETECTOR: Comprehensive Entrance Security Solution


    The IDT-06 Six Zone Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) is an advanced security solution designed to detect concealed metal objects on individuals passing through the door. Equipped with six pinpoint detection zones, it provides comprehensive protection for entrances and ensures enhanced security. The IDT-06 DFMD is an indispensable tool for security personnel in various establishments, including airports, government buildings, commercial complexes, events, and more.

    Key Features:

    • Six Zone Detection: The IDT-06 DFMD is equipped with six precise detection zones, providing accurate pinpointing of metal objects on the person passing through the door. This multi-zone detection ensures thorough screening, leaving no room for security breaches.
    • In/Out Passenger Counting: Apart from detecting metals, the IDT-06 DFMD automatically counts the number of passengers entering and exiting through the door. This feature assists in managing the flow of people and keeps track of the total footfall.
    • Audio/Visual Indications: When metal objects are detected, the IDT-06 DFMD produces clear audio and visual indications, alerting security personnel about the presence of potential threats.
    • Manual Sensitivity Adjustment: The sensitivity of the metal detection can be adjusted manually according to specific security requirements. This flexibility allows customization based on the sensitivity levels required for different locations.
    • Harmless for Pregnant Women and Pacemakers: The IDT-06 DFMD is designed to be completely safe for pregnant women and individuals with pacemakers, ensuring a non-intrusive and harmless security screening process.

    Standard Configuration:

    • One Unit of Main Case
    • One Unit of Left Probe
    • One Unit of Right Probe
    • One Unit of Power Line
    • Eight Units of Screws
    • One Unit of Instruction


    • Main Case Packing: 0.755m x 0.485m x 0.255m (Carton)
    • Probe Packing: 2.27m x 0.62m x 0.19m (Carton)
    • Total Volume: 0.361m
    • Gross Weight: 50Kg (Approximate)

    Optional Accessories:

    • Slipping Groove: Allows personal belongings that may interfere with the detection process, such as keys, watches, and cell phones, to slip through.
    • Remote Control: Enables gate control within a 10-meter range, making operation more convenient, especially when placed in parallel.
    • Storage Battery: Provides up to 4 hours of gate operation after charging, ensuring uninterrupted security even during power outages.

    Examination Standard:

    • Electrical Equipment standardized by EN60950
    • Radiation standardized by EN50081-1
    • Anti-inference standardized by Eb50082
    • Adherence to the National Standard of Metal Detector
    • Coin Standard: The gate can detect one coin without interference, ensuring precise detection even in crowded areas.

    The IDT-06 SIX ZONE DOOR FRAME METAL DETECTOR is a reliable and efficient security solution, offering accurate detection and passenger counting capabilities. Its advanced features and customizable sensitivity levels make it an ideal choice for enhancing security at various locations, providing peace of mind to both security personnel and the public.


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