1. Inter-Connect for Scalability:
    • Seamlessly inter-connect up to 8 systems, providing the flexibility to expand the infrastructure to accommodate a maximum of 1,400 extensions.
  2. CLI – Calling Line Identification:
    • Effortless call management with Calling Line Identification (CLI), ensuring users can identify incoming calls for efficient communication.
  3. Battery Backup (12V 7AH):
    • Connect a 12V 7AH battery for uninterrupted operation during power failures, ensuring continuous communication capabilities.
  4. Vendor Arrival Messages:
    • Vendor arrival messages for organized communication and efficient coordination.
  5. Extension Notices by Dialing a Code:
    • Members can easily access notices recorded by society committee members by dialing a specific code, enhancing information retrieval.
  6. Broadcast or Message Announce:
    • Facilitate widespread communication through broadcast or message announcements for important notifications.
  7. Display Units for Guard:
    • Connect up to 8 display units for guards, enhancing security monitoring and management capabilities.


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