Digital Lock Mortise DG 202 ISN 5-in-1 Access (Bio + Pin + Key+ Card) with WiFi In Built

Finish Type: Satin Matt Finish
Material: Steel
Application: Ideal for Home and Office Security
Type of Product: Smart Door Lock
Model No: DG 202 ISN
Fingerprint Capacity: Up to 200 Unique Access
Access Modes: Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID, Key
Locking Modes: Manual & Privacy Locking Mode
Auto Locking: Yes
Alarm: Low Battery Alarm
RFID: Up to 50 Unique Access


    The Dorset DG 202 ISN Satin Matt stands as another intelligent addition to Dorset’s lineup of smart door locks, offering advanced security features and versatile access options. Crafted in a sleek satin matt finish, this smart door lock seamlessly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

    In parallel with the DG 202 IGM model, the DG 202 ISN is engineered to support up to 200 unique access points, catering to the security needs of both homes and small businesses. Its array of access methods, including fingerprint recognition, pin code, RFID, and traditional key access, ensures adaptability and ease of use for a diverse user base. The fingerprint scanner allows for the registration of multiple fingerprints, facilitating swift and effortless entry for authorized individuals. The pin code option provides a customizable code easily shared and memorized by trusted users, while RFID functionality accommodates key cards or fobs for an additional layer of convenience. Moreover, traditional key access serves as a reliable backup option.


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