Digital Lock Mortise DG 201 IPT 4-in-1 Access (Bio + Pin + Key+ Card)

  • Finish Type: Antique Brass Finish
  • Material: Steel
  • Application: Ideal for Home and Office Security
  • Type of Product: Smart Door Lock
  • Model No: DG 201 IPT
  • Fingerprint Capacity: Up to 200 Unique Access
  • Access Modes: Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID, Key
  • Locking Modes: Manual & Privacy Locking Mode
  • Auto Locking: Yes
  • Alarm: Low Battery Alarm
  • RFID: Up to 50 Unique Access


    • Elegant Antique Design: The Dorset DG 201 IPT Smart Door Lock combines advanced security with a charming antique finish, adding an element of sophistication to your home decor.
    • Flexible Access Permissions: With the capacity to support up to 200 unique access permissions, you have the flexibility to manage and control access for family members, friends, and trusted individuals.
    • Versatile Access Methods: The smart door lock offers multiple access methods, including fingerprint recognition, pin code input, RFID card scanning, and traditional key access, allowing you to choose the most convenient and secure option.
    • Low Battery Alarm: Stay informed about the battery status with the low battery alarm feature, ensuring timely replacement and preventing any unexpected lockouts or disruptions in functionality.
    • Manual and Privacy Locking Modes: Enjoy the convenience of manual mode, allowing traditional key access, and maximize security with the privacy locking mode, restricting access entirely. In privacy mode, support for up to 50 unique access permissions provides added control.
    • Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality: The blend of advanced security features and an antique design makes the Dorset DG 201 IPT a perfect choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and functionality in a smart door lock.


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