Digital Lock Mortise DG 201 IGM 4-in-1 Access (Bio + Pin + Key+ Card)

About this Item:

  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 10 x 10 Millimeters
  • Locking Mechanism:
    • Key Lock
    • Electronic Lock
  • Electronic Intelligent Double Lock:
    • The double lock feature ensures enhanced security, and only the administrator can unlock it after activation.
    • Supports remote unlocking, seamlessly integrating with other smart devices to contribute to the creation of a smart home.
  • Multiple Unlocking Methods:
    • Mobile APP Unlocking
    • Fingerprint Unlocking
    • Password Unlocking
    • Access Card Unlocking
    • Key Unlocking


    Finish Type: Graphite Matt Finish
    Material: Steel
    Application: Ideal for Home and Office Security
    Type of Product: Smart Door Lock
    Model No: DG 201 IGM
    Fingerprint Capacity: Up to 200 Unique Access
    Access Modes: Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID, Key
    Locking Modes: Manual & Privacy Locking Mode
    Auto Locking: Yes
    Alarm: Low Battery Alarm
    RFID: Up to 50 Unique Access


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