Hikvision 16 Channel HD DVR and 5MP 8 Dome + 8 Bullet HD CCTV Camera Combo Kit

What is Included:

  • Hikvision 16 Channel HD DVR (Model No: DS-7A16HQHI-K1) – Quantity: 1
  • Hikvision 5MP Dome HD CCTV Camera (Model No: DS-2CE56HOT-ITPFS) – Quantity: 8
  • Hikvision 5MP Bullet HD CCTV Camera (Model No: DS-2CE16HOT-ITPFS) – Quantity: 8
  • 4TB Hard Drive (Brand: CONSISTENT/GENOIX) – Quantity: 1
  • 16-Port SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) (Brand: Brand I Innovation) – Quantity: 1
  • Cables and Connectors (Brand: BNC/DC, D-LINK) – Quantity: As needed for installation


    Introducing the Hikvision 16 Channel HD DVR and 5MP 8 Dome + 8 Bullet HD CCTV Camera Combo Kit

    Upgrade your security and surveillance capabilities with the Hikvision 16 Channel HD DVR and 5MP 8 Dome + 8 Bullet HD CCTV Camera Combo Kit. This powerful and comprehensive surveillance solution is designed to provide you with reliable and high-quality video monitoring for your home or business. With an expanded 16-channel DVR, a combination of eight dome cameras, and eight bullet cameras, this kit ensures extensive coverage and optimal security for your property. Let’s delve into the key components of this advanced Combo Kit:

    Advanced 16 Channel HD DVR: At the heart of this surveillance system is the Hikvision 16 Channel HD DVR (Model No: DS-7A16HQHI-K1). This DVR offers an increased capacity of 16 channels, allowing you to connect and record from up to sixteen cameras. With this expanded capability, you can monitor larger areas or multiple locations, providing comprehensive surveillance for your property. The DVR supports high-definition video resolution, enabling you to capture clear and detailed footage, which is crucial for identifying and addressing security events effectively.

    High-Resolution 5MP Dome and Bullet HD CCTV Cameras: The combo kit includes eight Hikvision 5MP Dome HD CCTV Cameras (Model No: DS-2CE56HOT-ITPFS) and eight Hikvision 5MP Bullet HD CCTV Cameras (Model No: DS-2CE16HOT-ITPFS). The dome cameras are optimized for indoor use, equipped with high-resolution 5-megapixel sensors, delivering exceptional image clarity and detail. Their infrared (IR) LEDs provide reliable night vision, ensuring continuous surveillance even in low-light conditions. The bullet cameras are designed for versatile outdoor monitoring, featuring a weather-resistant design to withstand various weather elements and ensuring robust security for exterior areas of your property.

    Ample Storage with 4TB Hard Drive: To accommodate the increased volume of recorded video footage, the combo kit comes with a spacious 4TB hard drive (Brand: CONSISTENT/GENOIX). This significant upgrade in storage capacity ensures extended retention of critical recordings, preserving valuable data for future reference or investigations. With ample storage space, you can confidently capture and store an extensive history of surveillance footage without worrying about storage limitations.

    Stable Power Supply with 16-Port SMPS: The 16-port SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) (Brand: Brand I Innovation) included in this combo kit efficiently powers the surveillance system. With its increased port capacity, this SMPS provides stable and reliable power to all cameras and the DVR, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions. With the expanded capability to support multiple cameras, this SMPS ensures that your surveillance system stays operational around the clock.

    Seamless Connectivity with Cables and Connectors: The combo kit includes high-quality cables and connectors (Brand: BNC/DC, D-LINK) to ensure seamless and secure connections between the cameras and the DVR. These cables and connectors are designed to provide optimal performance and uninterrupted transmission of video signals, minimizing the risk of signal loss or disruptions. A secure and reliable connection is vital to maintaining a consistent flow of surveillance data from the cameras to the DVR.

    With the Hikvision 16 Channel HD DVR and 5MP 8 Dome + 8 Bullet HD CCTV Camera Combo Kit, you can take full control of your property’s security. This advanced surveillance solution offers high-quality imaging, enhanced storage capacity, and expanded channel capability, making it the ideal choice for safeguarding your valuable assets. Whether for commercial or residential use, trust in Hikvision’s cutting-edge technology and invest in this Combo Kit to enjoy unparalleled security and the peace of mind that your property is under vigilant watch. With Hikvision’s advanced features and reliable performance, you can confidently protect what matters most to you.


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