Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR and 1 Bullet + 7 Dome HD Camera Combo Kit

What’s Included:

  1. DS-7108HGHI-K1/ECO –  8 Ch HD DVR (Quantity: 1)
  2. DS-2CE1ADOT-IRP/ECO – Bullet HD Camera (Quantity: 1)
  3. DS-2CE5ADOT-IRP/ECO – Dome HD Cameras (Quantity: 7)
  4. 1 TB Hard Drive – Model CONSISTENT/GENOIX (Quantity: 1)
  5. Cables and Connectors – Model WBOX BNC/DC
  6. 8 PORT SMPS – Model BRAND I INNOVATION (Quantity: 1)


    Introducing the Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR and 1 Bullet + 7 Dome HD Camera Combo Kit

    Take your property’s security to the next level with the Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR and 1 Bullet + 7 Dome HD Camera Combo Kit. This comprehensive surveillance package is meticulously designed to provide you with advanced features, high-definition imaging, and reliable performance, ensuring the safety and protection of your home or business.

    Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR (Quantity: 1): The heart of this surveillance system is the Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR, capable of supporting up to eight cameras. This 8-channel DVR offers high-definition video resolution, delivering clear and detailed footage for comprehensive surveillance coverage. With H.264+ video compression technology, you can optimize storage space without compromising on image quality. Whether it’s real-time monitoring or reviewing recorded footage, the DVR ensures smooth and efficient performance.

    Hikvision Bullet HD Camera (Quantity: 1): The combo kit includes one Hikvision Bullet HD Camera, equipped with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor. This bullet camera captures high-resolution images and videos, allowing you to observe every detail with clarity. Its sturdy and weather-resistant design (IP66 rated) ensures reliable operation, making it suitable for outdoor use. The built-in infrared (IR) LEDs provide exceptional night vision capabilities, enabling you to monitor your property even in complete darkness.

    Hikvision Dome HD Cameras (Quantity: 7): The package also features seven Hikvision Dome HD Cameras, offering the same advanced features as the bullet camera. With 2-megapixel CMOS sensors, these dome cameras deliver sharp visuals and reliable night vision. Their discreet design makes them ideal for indoor monitoring, allowing you to keep a vigilant eye on crucial areas within your property.

    Cables and Connectors: The Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR and 1 Bullet + 7 Dome HD Camera Combo Kit come with all the necessary cables and connectors for a seamless installation process. These high-quality accessories ensure a tidy and organized setup, allowing you to connect and power your cameras effortlessly.

    SMPS (Quantity: 1): The reliable Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) included in the package ensures a stable power source for your surveillance system. With efficient power delivery, you can trust your cameras to operate flawlessly.

    Stay connected and in control with the Hik-Connect mobile app, compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app enables you to remotely monitor your property in real-time and access playback of recorded footage, providing peace of mind even when you’re away.

    The Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR supports smart features such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and line-crossing detection, adding an extra layer of security to your surveillance setup. These intelligent functions alert you to any suspicious activity, empowering you to take immediate action when needed.

    Invest in the Hikvision 8 Ch HD DVR and 1 Bullet + 7 Dome HD Camera Combo Kit to fortify your property’s security and ensure comprehensive surveillance. With this advanced surveillance solution, you can protect your loved ones and assets with confidence, day and night. Embrace the power of technology and take control of your security today with Hikvision’s cutting-edge Combo Kit.


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