CP Plus 8 Channel Power Supply CP-DPS-PD08V2-12D

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  • Model: CP-DPS-PD08V2-12D
  • Channels: 8 Channel Output
  • Cable Compensation Switch: Included
  • LED Indicator: Provided for Each Channel
  • EMI Filter: Built-in to Nullify Interference
  • Cooling: Free Air Convection
  • Constant Current Limiting Circuit: Built-in
  • Built-in Test: 100% Full Load
  • Housing: Plastic


    Parameter Specification
    Input voltage 180~264V AC
    Output voltage 12V DC
    Current Range 0~5A
    Rated Power 60W
    Ripple & Noise (max.) 120mVp-p
    Voltage Adj. Range 11.4~12.6V
    Line Regulation ±1.0%
    Voltage Tolerance n/a
    Setup Rise time 2500ms, 15ms at full load
    Hold Up Time (Typ.) 20ms at full load
    Load Regulation ±5.0%
    Temperature coefficient ±0.03%/°C (0~50°C)
    Frequency Range 47~63HZ
    Efficiency (Typ.) 86%
    AC Current (Typ.) 1A/220VAC


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