Time Watch Bio-12 FP Exit Reader Finger & Card Reader Biometric Machine

Time Watch Bio-12 is a sophisticated Finger & Card Reader designed for seamless access control. Packed with advanced features, it offers a reliable and secure solution for identity verification.


  • ID & IC Card: Equipped to read both ID and IC cards, providing versatile access options.
  • Tamper-Proof Function: Enhanced security with a tamper-proof mechanism to safeguard against unauthorized interference.
  • Fingerprint & Card Verification: Dual authentication methods for heightened security – fingerprint and card verification.
  • Built-In Beeper: A built-in beeper adds an audible dimension to status indications, keeping users informed.
  • LED Indicator: Visual cues through an LED indicator for quick and clear status feedback.
  • 32-bit High-Speed Processor: Powered by a high-speed 32-bit processor, ensuring swift and efficient operation.
  • Supports RS485 and Wiegand Protocols: Compatible with RS485 and Wiegand protocols (w26, w34), ensuring seamless integration into various access control systems.
  • Supports Reading EM Card Numbers: Capable of reading EM card numbers, expanding compatibility with different card formats.
  • 30mm-100mm Induction Distance: Offers a flexible induction range of 30mm to 100mm for convenient and efficient access.
  • High-Speed Processor of 320MHz: Accelerated processing speed at 320MHz for quick and responsive user verification.



    CPU 324MHz
    Communication RS485
    Voice Prompt Buzzer & Voice
    Standard Function ID Card Module
    Optional Function MF Card Module
    Working Voltage 12VDC
    Working Temperature 0°C ~ 45°C
    Size 20mm (H) * 57mm (W) * 30mm (D)


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