Biomax Bm70w Pro WiFi Face Biometric and Access Machine with inbuilt Battery

  • N-BM70W Pro Overview:
    • Designed for startups or small offices with limited employees
    • Entry-level model in Biometrics
    • Offers a unique blend of features for a gratifying experience
  • Versatile Verification Modes:
    • Password + Face/Fingerprint
    • Face/Fingerprint/Card (RFID)
    • Card + Face/Fingerprint for enhanced security
  • Advanced Technology:
    • Accurate face verification without compromising distance or light conditions
    • Spectacular processor for speed and error-free calculations
    • Powered by Linux OS for user-friendly operation
  • Visual and Access Enhancements:
    • 2.8” inch color display for better visibility and easy access
    • Edgy design for a head-turning appearance
  • Connectivity and Compatibility:
    • Connects to desktop and supports Web and Cloud Software
    • Tailored for a seamless experience in diverse environments


    Storage Capacity
    Face Capacity 1200 (1: N)
    Finger Capacity 5000
    Card Capacity 1200
    Max. User 1200
    Log Capacity 1,50,000
    Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, USB Host Yes
    Push Data Yes
    Display 2.8’’ IPS LCD color screen
    LED Indicator Green/Red
    LED for day-night vision Array LED
    Voice instruction 16-bit Hi-Fi voice & sound indication
    Language English
    Product Biometric
    FAR 0.01%
    FRR 0.001%
    Sensor type 500 DPI
    OS Linux
    Verification Time <1 second
    Identification Mode Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN
    Access Control
    Relay Yes
    Support Remote, Push Button, No Touch
    Power & Environment
    Inbuilt Battery Backup YES (BIS standard)
    Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
    Power 12V 2Am (BIS standard)
    Dimension (LHW)
    160 x 140 x 65 mm


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